English for Academic Purposes Program


(as outlined by Cambridge)

Develop learners’ ability to use English effectively for the purpose of practical communication; form a solid foundation for the skills required for further study or employment using English as the medium; develop learners’ awareness of the nature of language and language-learning skills; promote learners’ personal development.

The EAP program offered by the Worldwide Education Fund – Global Virtual School is an advanced English-language program based on the IGCSE curriculum. The program is built on IGCSE Cambridge benchmarks as they are found in the textbook and coursebook and tested with the Cambridge past examination papers. The choice of using an already vetted material as foundation for the program is easy to understand. Cambridge is known and respected worldwide; the IGCSE level is deemed sufficient by most colleges, junior colleges and trade colleges as satisfying entry requirements, including language.

The program’s graduates will be able to register for Cambridge English as a Second Language IGCSE exam as independent candidates in their respective countries and get the Cambridge certificate. Furthermore, Global Virtual School will sponsor language test for its graduates such as Duolingo, to encourage students to work hard but also to benchmark the program. The main goal of this new program is to prepare the most talented students to study in English in a college or university.

Important Program Information

Students joining the program are tested beforehand and they need to show they are at a B1 level in English to be admitted. By the time they will finish the program, they will be on par with hundreds of thousands of students around the world and have an English-language level that will allow them to study in a junior or technical college.
The first cohort started their courses in January 2022 and it includes students from Pakistan and Tajikistan as well as Afghan refugees in these countries.

Course Schedule

Based on the Cambridge International IGCSE curriculum, these students are going to study Academic Reading and Writing and expand their skills with Critical Thinking. The program is run by a Cambridge expert, who has taught the material and has prepared the teaching team to deliver the lessons at a professional standard.