GVS Early Childhood Development

Program Information

Worldwide Education Fund of The Dallas Foundation (WEF), USA has been working tirelessly to bring quality programs to underserved children. Global ECD is an initiative of WEF and its project delivery partner is the Foundation to Empower Students (FES) in Pakistan. The aim of this collaboration is to establish and promote Early Childhood Development programs in the marginalized communities around the South and Central Asian countries where the educational systems have been unable to nurture such developmental needs of the children under the ages of 6.

WEF recently launched a Global ECD Centre in Booni Upper Chitral in Northern Pakistan and a Global ECD Play Space in Bartang Tajikistan. We aim to expand the Global ECD program to 20 additional schools and make Early Childhood Development education available to more than 5000 children schools, 500 teachers, 40 ECD teachers/facilitators in 5 years. We believe that through our Global ECD program we can make a substantial impact on the lives of young children through quality early childhood education.

Vision and Mission

Individual Attention

  • Establish well-thought out prepared environments: In-School Global ECD Centers in collaboration with low income private schools in Northern Pakistan, Global ECD Play Spaces American Corners in Central Asia.
  • Hire and certify teachers who show proficiency in English language and have compassion for young children.

Great environment

  • English will be the medium of instruction. The second language would be brought in at an appropriate stage.
  • Introduce Montessori Approach to learning i.e. the program would be child-centred rather than teacher-centred. In such a setup, the children would have freedom to explore their environment and learn per their own pace and interests.

Lifelong Learning

  • We believe in equipping your children with the skills to be able to learn for the rest of their lives! By instilling in them a method of analytical thinking, we believe they will be able to be independent thinkers and be high performers in their chosen careers.