Baltistan Primary and Secondary School Scholarships

Name of Project:

Baltistan Primary and Secondary School Scholarships

Location :

Gilgit Baltistan (GB), Pakistan




June 2017 - September 2020
This project envisioned to educate marginalized students in Pakistan and make quality education accessible to girls in the mountainous regions of Pakistan.

Description and Impact:

WEF collaborated with Iqra Fund to sponsor 246 girls’ education from the Baltistan regions of Norther Pakistan, providing, primary, middle and secondary school scholarships for tuition fee, school supplies which include uniform, stationery and school bags, scholarships for boarding lodging, academic workshops and primary teachers training. These young girls came from families with no or limited income options and most rely on subsistent farming.

WEF has made a total contribution of $36,282 as a grant towards this scholarship since 2017. WEF made another grant of $1325.00 to sponsor 100 girls to cover the one-year school period starting from September 2019 to September 2020.

These target areas are one of the remotest in the world, difficult terrain, extreme weather conditions, poor or no road links, lack of school structures, overwhelming poverty topped up with no substantial support from Government leaves children of the area with no option but to be denied of their most basic right to education. Education in general and especially for girls is considered a luxury. Many of these villages have no schools at all, and for those where there are schools, they are only until primary or middle. Children especially girls who want to continue their school education are left with no chance, but to discontinue their education or move to bigger towns. The school education away from home/village comes with multiple challenges and inputs. Going to cities for secondary and higher secondary is expensive as it constitutes tuition fee, boarding/lodging, transport and other expenses.