Location: Atlanta, Georgia USA

Date: Summer 2018

Description and Impact:

WEF-HU MBA Scholars volunteered for Ismaili Professionals Network Summit under the leadership of our board member Ms.Ruby Jivan. The Summit was a 2-day conference for professionals, executives and recent graduates to Inspire, Network and Collaborate with 400 like-minded professionals and learns from world-class speakers such as Aziz Hashim, Amin Maredia, Rudy Karsan, and many others. WEF-HU MBA Scholars gained fresh perspectives on various thematic areas and grew their professional network. This event played a vital role for the WEF students because it helped the students to connect with the CEOs of the top companies of USA. WEF Students will soon start internships in several companies as part of their degree program and will get the corporate experience of the diverse industries of USA. The two-day event ended with an exclusive event at the World of CocaCola which is a trendy tourist destination in the heart of Atlanta. The participants felt motivated and confident at the end of the conference.

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