Vision of the Worldwide Education Fund of The Dallas Foundation

Worldwide Education Fund of The Dallas Foundation’s sole purpose is to help improve the quality and scope of education for underprivileged and marginalized children and youth in some of the poorest areas of India, Pakistan, Tajikistan, United States and beyond. We believe that every child and youth, regardless of extreme poverty, caste, religion, gender, or other factors, deserves a chance to reach his or her maximum potential.

American Corners in Khorog

In partnership with the American Embassy, WEF is providing support the American Corners in Khorog for the facilitation of English language training (including TOEFL and IELTS prep) to 1000+ children, youth, and adults.

WEF desires to develop new job markets in Tajikistan

One of the most up and coming area of job recruitment globally is emerging Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence programming. Theproject developed by board members will provide scholarships to 4-6 candidates with the right pre-requisite skills to take online certification courses and once certified they would teach the courses in Tajikistan through University of Central Asia (UCA) continuing education school.

Computers to UCA-SPCE

University of Central Asia School for Professional Continuing Education (UCA-SPCE) located in Khorog, Tajikistan provides certification courses to students and youths in various subjects.

How the English Lab Helps Student Earn Money for His Family

Co-founder Kamal Daya visits 14-year-old Gokul at his home in one of the poorer neighborhoods of the community. There, the young man lives with his grandmother, mother, and two brothers in one room no larger than 6 ft x 8 ft. He discusses how the English language lab has helped him procure part-time employment at a Chinese restaurant which caters to tourists so that he can help support his family.

How Does the English Language Lab Help the Children

WEF founder Kamal Daya discusses with a group of students about how the English language lab has helped them. The girls indicate that the lab especially helps them with pronunciation and the subtle difference which could confuse a non-native English speaker. They admit they are proud now to go and speak English in public because they have the correct pronunciation.

Rehnuma & Rukhsar Ansari, Two Sisters Share Their Experience

World Education Fund of The Dallas Foundation’s founder, Kamal Daya, visits two English language students at their home in one of the poorer communities. The two sisters, Rehnuma and Rukshar Ansari, explain how the English language lab functions, and how they can now communicate with their friends in English. The mother of the two girls lets Kamal know that she cannot speak English.

Mustafa & Murtaza. The Story of Two Brothers

WEF co-founder Kamal Daya interviews two brothers who have benefited from the English language lab. The first brother, Mustafa, a graduate, has been able to procure first place in college thanks to English language acquisition, and discusses how important different accents are in understanding the spoken language. His younger brother, Murtaza, explains that the lab has given him confidence.

Hoki Poki Dance by the Little Ones

There is no happier way to start your day than by joining the little ones in the Hoki Poki! We are excited by the bright opportunities in their life, and hope the best for them.

Nasreen Khatun, 6 Year Old in First Grade. Success Story

In this story, World Education Fund of The Dallas Foundation follows six-year-old Nasreen Khatun from the classroom to her home in the slums of India. Neither of her parents speaks English, but tearfully expresses their happiness about their daughter’s ability to speak the language. Note the mother as her daughter speaks English.

Opening ceremony of Global ECD Booni Chitral

Opening ceremony of Global ECD Booni Chitral

GVS-ESL Program

GVS-ESL Program