The WEF-Herzing University-MBA Scholarship is one of the educational scholarship programs offered through the Worldwide Education Fund (WEF) of the Dallas Foundation working in collaboration with Herzing University. The objective of this partnership is to provide greater access to higher education for some of the neediest students that the WEF works within India, Pakistan, and Tajikistan.

Through this program, qualified recipients of the scholarship can enroll in Herzing University’s MBA program and if accepted, can study at Herzing University’s Atlanta, Georgia or Madison, Wisconsin campuses in the United States; or complete their studies through online courses from their home country.

The Scholarship covers the MBA tuition fee associated with their studies with Herzing University. Accommodations including housing, while enrolled and pursuing their degree at one of the two Herzing University campuses are covered by WEF. Other expenses are paid through a combination of a student’s ability to provide financial support or from the donor community. This scholarship does not cover the travel costs to Herzing University’s campuses, book expenses, or monthly stipends.

Intended beneficiaries: Hard working postgraduate students who would like to transform their and their families lives by studying in the USA and wish to help reshape a new economic future for themselves and others in their home country. WEF-Herzing University Scholarships are offered for MBA applicants with excellent command of the English language. The scholarship does not cover any pre-sessional English language teaching.

WEF-HU BA Scholars Cohort 2017-2019:

After many months of hard work, a merit-based selection process, and a thorough interview process, we are excited to announce the launch of the WEF & Herzing University-Atlanta Campus MBA Scholarship Program. Ten students have been selected and 6 have already arrived in Atlanta GA to begin study and completion of their MBA at Herzing University. These 10 students have received a full-tuition scholarship from Herzing University. In addition, they have received a residential scholarship from WEF to cover their boarding expenses. WEF also plans special career mentoring sessions for the students near the completion of their studies.

These students represent marginalized communities in Tajikistan and Pakistan. They are committed to bringing back their experiences and learning to their communities for a larger social change. It is our expectation that these 10 students will become the transformative spark and pillars of economic and social uplift for their families and their communities of origin.