Location: Hunza, Pakistan

Description and Impact:

The most important year of my life has just come. After relocating to the United States of America to pursue my Master’s Degree in Business Administration, I can already foresee the magnitude to which this experience can change my life both academically and personally. So far it has been an amazing year filled with cultural exchange, endless learning, appreciation, humility, and love. Prior to my WEF Scholarship journey to the United States, two years away from friends and family seemed way too long for comfort. But, as soon as I arrived in the city of Atlanta I would call home for the next two years, I realized that two years in such a diverse city would be incredible. In other words, my love affair with the city of Atlanta began immediately.

I belong to a middle-class family from Hunza, Pakistan. Despite being a large family of thirteen people, my family has invested all the resources to get us the best possible education. I get most of the Education through merit and need-based scholarship. I got Aga Khan Education Services scholarship for my high school, then I did BS in software engineering on a merit-based scholarship. I also won a semester exchange scholarship to the United States during my undergraduate studies.

After my bachelor’s degree, I did a job in Islamabad for almost two years. I always wanted to pursue my further studies but due to financial reasons, I had to stick to my job. Eventually, I decided to take a leap of faith to pursue my dream. I was fuelled by my inner spirit, pushed by encouragements from family and lured by an irresistible offer from the Worldwide Education Fund of The Dallas Foundation.

Getting a Visa for the United States was one of the challenging parts of my journey as I had to appear a couple of time for the visa interview. But the struggle was worth it as the impact of moving to the United States to pursue my further studies has drastically changed me academically. My MBA journey at the Herzing University has allowed me to meet the most diverse group of people, from whom I have learned so much. I now view and perceive the world in a different light because of these wonderful individuals whom I gladly call my “WEF Family” even though we are all from different walks of life. My deepest gratitude goes out to the Worldwide Education Fund, Herzing University for what is to come in my life. My message to future WEF scholars and students be prepared to be thrilled and inspired.

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