Location: Karachi, Pakistan

Description and Impact:

This blog is written by WEF-HU MBA Scholar Mehrunissa Barkatali who is currently doing her 4th Semester in Herzing University Atlanta, USA. She is originally from Karachi Pakistan.

The WEF-HU MBA Scholarship Program is a unique chance to experience something amazing. Applying for this scholarship had changed my life forever. I did not know what an amazing journey was waiting for me.

When I came to the US everything was new, like the host family. It is unreal. I cannot forget the first meet at the airport and first hug from people that were going to be your “second” family forever. Then I was living, adjusting and becoming a part of this family.

Only by being a student, I learnt such things as being responsible, thinking ahead and how to appreciate all, that I had. When you are living in another country, you start to form your new opinion about life.

The biggest thing I have learned during staying in the US, was how to be an adult. My year in America helped me to grow up and see things differently. That is really important to me. My host-family, my university (Herzing University) became a part of my life forever and I will never forget the experience of becoming the part of the family, travelling together or participating at school. This new environment really helped me to find something new, that I can love and connect to my life for a long time.

Thank you.

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