In-School Language Labs


Booni, Chitral, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan




Helping Hands Ladies Group, Carrollton, Texas, USA

Current Impact:

500+ Students, 40 Teachers, 2 Low Income Private Schools


In-School Language Labs is an initiative of Worldwide Education Fund of The Dallas Foundation (WEF), USA and its project delivery partner Foundation to Empower Students (FES), in Pakistan. Language Labs are a ‘Brick-and-Mortar’ operation of WEF to teach quality English Language skills to students at low income private schools across Pakistan.

The selected schools provide learning spaces to build English Language Lab and Career Counseling and Coaching Resource Centre and WEF/FES provides the necessary technology and internet based content licensed from Fluent U, Lingua Phone and other similar proprietary sources. The labs are being run by qualified English Language Facilitators hired and trained by FES who not only deliver the English Language and Career Counseling and Coaching Resources but also train the already existing English Language teachers at the school and empower them to take over the lab.

Language labs help students in primary and secondary school develop their listening and speaking skills and encourage them to exchange ideas, ask questions while showing them how children their age in the outside world think and act. These labs are also playing a very important part for the local teachers, too, who often don’t have time in the classroom to focus on these aspects of language learning and who don’t have access to resources.


Currently operational at 2 low income private schools in Booni Upper Chitral, the labs are impacting 500+ students and 40 teachers to make remarkable improvement in English language skills.


Helping Hands Ladies Group was formed around 13 years ago. Helping Hands Ladies Group includes professionals, entrepreneurs and homemakers who share community service interests.

The Women of Helping Hands Ladies group:

Shahin Paroo, Parvin Hussein, Khairun Heerji, Azmina Bhaidani, Nasreen Premjee, Rubina Virani, Nilofar Hakemy, Mumtaz Ramji, Dilshad Karim, Nafisa Bhagat, , Almas Lalani, Jenny Meghani, Nasim Aslam, Ashraf Daredia, Tasleem Merchant, Shamim Pirani, Nimet Bata, Shamim Bhanji, Salima Moolji, Rosy Dossa.


Foundation to Empower Students (FES), Pakistan is a public limited company under the Companies Act. 2017, with the primary objective to provide scholarship to students and grant aid including supply of books, stipends, medals, prizes, grants, awards, medicines, educational career support, bursaries and other incentives to needy and deserving students for advancement of knowledge, education and literacy.