Location :

Dallas Texas, USA




September 2017 to September 2018

Description and Impact:

WEF is collaborating with Hearth House to provide refugee children access and education for technology application.

Refugees coming to America have had very limited if any, access to technology. Often their home countries or refugee camps have limited access to even basic electricity, much less the cutting-edge technological resources that most of the world relies on today. A lack of access to technology can cause refugee students to fall behind their peers and be ill-equipped to gain employment and enter the workforce.

Technology can open up a whole new world to the students at Heart House. WEF with the help of Heart House aims to upgrade existing outdated technology so that students have the ability to interact with programs that allow them to learn multiple disciplines, including, but not limited to: online research, typing, education, learning and understanding coding, and website creation. These practical skills will help level the playing field with their peers and improve readiness for higher institutions of academic pursuits.

Technology will be utilized to enhance the core program of Heart House called the Head, Heart, and Hands (H3) program. The curriculum focuses on three prongs: cognitive learning (head), supporting the formation of character (heart), and building self-esteem to go out into the world and affect their community (hands). H3 program services include academic support, play therapy, social-emotional programming, and opportunities to experience a taste of college life in the United States, providing a spark of hope and a pathway for future success.

60 students will be served through this grant initiative.