WEF-GVS Partners with Bridge Education Group

English Language Skills Training for Teachers is an initiative of Worldwide Education Fund of The Dallas Foundation (WEF) USA in partnership with Bridge Education Group. Bridge is sponsoring the training of 8 teachers currently engaged with WEF’s English Language Labs programs in local schools in Booni, Chitral (Pakistan). The three-month, self-paced, tutor guided, online Micro Credential TEFL certification will help the local ESL teachers develop their skills and apply the newly acquired knowledge when teaching in the language labs.
WEF provides the learning platform and technology support to the teachers enrolled in the course, who otherwise would not have been able to follow the course. To ensure active and effective engagement with the course, WEF organizes discussion sessions. The teachers meet once-a-week and share their understanding of the module and discuss the course material.
The teachers will conclude the course with a practicum and submit a comprehensive assignment based on their understanding of the course. WEF will provide the practicum opportunities for the teachers at their In-School Language Labs to put theory into practice.
This is the first phase of a collaborative project that will benefit teachers in remote areas of the world. The aim is to expand the impact and scope to 40 teachers in 2023.



Bridge offers affordable, internationally-recognized, and accredited online TEFL/TESOL certification for both new and experienced teachers.
Bridge Education Group is accredited by ACCET, U.S Department of Education Recognized Agency and the courses are accredited by AQUEDTO, College Credit Recommendation Service. For more information please visit: https://bridge.edu/


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